Town Teplice

The town of Teplice is situated in the basin between two mountain ranges, near the borders with Germany. There were three circumstances for Teplice to come existence - trade, mining and healing springs. Another important factor was progress of monastic orders which started building their monasteries in 12th century. That´s why Teplice have a lot of interesting sights - the chateaux from 16th century, square with sculptures by Matyáš B. Braun, chateaux park and many churches around the city centre. Nowadays Teplice can offer reconstructed spa complex, reconstructed theatre, new swimming pool with squash courts and amount of restaurants and cafés. In summer is ideal to walk around nearby hills and enjoy the picturesque views, in winter is possible to enjoy well-kept ski slopes.

Teplice has always been centre of social and cultural live. The spa in Teplice were visited and used for relaxation by such artists as Wagner, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt or Goethe.