Competition Status

Introductory provisions

1.The International Clarinet Contest Czech Clarinet Art - in short CCA is an international performance contest for young artists, which will be held in Teplice, Czech Republic.

2.Composition of the jury, the artistic level of competing candidates, and organizational system at CCA meets the demands that are placed at the international competition in the field of music.

General provisions

1. The promoter of the International Clarinet Competition is CCA in collaboration with the city Teplice, represented by the mayor and other cultural and administrative organizations.

2.The funds required for the preparation and implementation are ensured by CCA and its partners.

3.The organizing comittee CCA is the main organizer. The organizing comittee is headed by the chairman, who shall be elected at the first meeting of the organizing comittee of CCA.

4.The cooperation of all these entities are governed by the applicable laws.

5. The organizing comittee CCA, as the organizer, publishes “Organizational Regulations CCA“, which specify the conditions and rules of the competition and publishes “Rules of Procedure of the Jury“ that governs the operation of the jury.

6.The organizing comittee shall appoint and remove the chairman and members of the jury and it shall appoint members of the secretariat, headed by the secretary. The secretary of the jury shall have following duties and rights:
-participates in the deliberations of the jury
-manages the competition progress
-evaluates the results of the competition process and verifies their correctness
-deals with the public during the competiton in the name of the organizing comittee


1.The international jury of CCA consists of distinguished soloists and art pedagogues from around the world.

2.The chairman of the jury is appointed by the organizing comitte of CCA. The organizing comittee appoints the other members of the jury after consultation with the chairman. A new juror who meets the appropriate artistic criteria following article 1 is appointed in case of illness or other serious cause of absence of a member of the jury.

3.The composition of the jury must be published no later than one month before the start of CCA.

4. The chairman and jury members are obliged to get familiar with the Status of CCA and the Rules of Procedure of the Jury before the beginning of CCA and they are obliged to follow them.

Final provisions

This statute is written in Czech and English. In doubtful cases, the authentic Czech text will be considered decisive.