Organizational Rules

The International Clarinet Contest is annonced for young artists of the following categories:

Baby category - under 12 years

1st category – under 15 years
2nd category – under 20 years
3rd category – under 30 years

The category of contestants is determined by year of their birth. Participants have to pay all of their own travel expenses, meals and accommodation for the duration of the contest. The secretariat of the contest ensures free promotional materials, space for rehearsing and assistance for all contestants.

The admission to the contest is decided by timely sending of the application form (either electronically or by mail) to the address:
Lázeňská 184, 507 81 Lázně Bělohrad.

The organizer reserves the right, in case of overly high number of participants, to take the date of the application sending (postmark) into account for the contest admission. Applications received after closing date (date line) will not be accepted.

The fee must be sent no later than one month before the start of the contest to the account:
107 – 2168220217/0100.

The competition jury is appointed by the organizer based on the Status of the Jury. The jury is international. Contestants do not have the right to make objections against the composition of the jury. The contest consists of multiple rounds. All rounds all open to the public. Duration of each round:
1st category 12 minutes
2nd category 12 minutes 1st round, 15 minutes 2nd round
3rd category 12 minutes 1st round, 15minutes 2nd round, 25 minutes 3rd round

The jury has the right to end the performance if the time limit is exceeded. Contestants must play by heart those compositions which will be marked by the note "by heart".

A maximum of 12 contestants can advance to the 2nd round in categories II and III. A maximum of 5 contestants who meet the requirements of the jury can advance to the 3rd round in category III. Those who will not advance further will receive a commemorative diploma for the participation in CCA. The jury has the right to grant the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize and Honorary Recognition. The jury has the right to split the 1st to 3rd prize between more than 3 contestants. After the conclusion of the contest the jury will annonce the absolute winner, who will have the right to use the title “Absolute Winner of the International Clarinet Competition CCA“. The jury has the right to grant further special recognitions. The organizer provides the piano accompaniment.

The winners of all categories can not take place in the same category in the next years of the competition. They can register in the higher category.