Rules of Procedure of the Jury

A. Introductory Provisions

1. Rules of Procedure of the Jury of the International Contest Czech Clarinet Art (in short CCA). The organizing comittee is a separete annex to the Statue of the CCA.
2. The principles contained in the Statute of CCA and in the Rules of Procedure of the Jury are binding for all members of the jury.
3. The jury member who violates the rules stated in the Statute of CCA and in the Rules of Procedure of the Jury may be exluded from further negotiatons by the jury chairman with the consent of the chairman of the organizing committee CCA. Breach of these rules by the jury chairman will mean that he may be dismissed on the base of the Statute of the International Contest CCA.

B. Activity of the jury

1. The jury chairman manages, in accordance with the Statute and Organizational Rules, the agenda of the jury and its work during the contest. The vice chairman ensures all these duties in his absence.
2. Jury members elect the vice chairman of the jury at the proposal of the chairman or jury members at their first meeting by the majority of votes.
3. The jury secretariat is the executive body of the jury. It is headed by the secretary who is appointed by the organizing committee of the International Contest CCA.
4. The jury will hear and judge performances of all contestants using a point system which is specified by the Organizational Rules CCA. The jury does not interfere in the competition performances. The jury chairman may interrupt the performance in case of great exceeding of the time limit which is set by the Organizational Rules CCA. The jury chairman may also interrupt the performance with the unanimous agreement of all jurors in case of a clearly insufficient level of the competitor's performance.
5. Jury members are obliged to take part of all meetings of the jury. These meetings are closed to the public. All the participants of the jury deliberations (jury members, the secretary and the other secretariat members of the jury) are obliged to respect their decisions and maintain silence about the deliberations of the jury.
6.The results of the contest and the transcripts of the deliberations of the jury handles the secretary. The chairman or the vice chairman verifies the results.

C. Evaluation of competition performances

1. Jury members have the right to give points and to vote. After taking membership in the jury, they are obliged to evaluate competitive performances in the most responsible way according to their conscience, their professional skills and sense of objectivity.
2. Jury members assess each performance in writing. The score has to be written on the scoring list in the range from 1 (the lowest rating) to 25 (the highest rating) or from 10 (the lowest rating) to 100 (the highest rating) points (it will be well defined at the first jury meeting on the 18th of April 2013). Fragment points are unacceptable.

Each scoring list must contain the following information:
- the contestant's number/category
- the number of points
- signature of the jury member
The juror can make corrections in the scoring list only in exceptional cases and only prior to their submission. All corrected scoring lists must be marked by the note “corrected“.

3. The jury member does not evaluate the performance in these cases:
-if he has not heard the full performance
-if his student competes
-if the juror is in direct family ties (son, daughter)
In such cases, the juror hands in a signed scoring list with reasons why he does not evaluate (absent, student, relative).

4. Jury members hand in scoring lists always after the competition performances. The jury chairman determines the scope and nature of the contest with the approval of jury members before the appropriate round. Point evaluation of contestants in individual rounds are not cumulative.
5. The jury will decide by voting at the intoductory meeting on the publication of the running total score. The voting of the majority of jury members must precede the publication.
6. The jury secretary will write a summary of scores after the end of the competiton performances. He also will calculate the arithmetic averages of points and will present the order of contestants according to the points scored in that round.
7. The jury will decide about contestants advancing to the 2nd round of category II and III by voting (simple majority) after the conclusion of the 1st round. The jury will decide the same way about advancing contestants to the 3rd round of the category III (see Organizational Rules CCA) after the conclusion of the 2nd round. Names of advancing contestants to the 2nd round of category II and III and to the 3rd round of category III will be published in linear order according to their drawn contestant numbers.
8. After the conclusion of the 1st round of category I, 2nd round of category II, and 3rd round of category III, the jury will decide by a two-thirds majority vote who will be awarded the 1st prize in each category. The first prize is divisible only in an exceptional case, i.e. when several contestants display the same exceptional quality of performance. Other awards may also be divided among more contestants. The jury will decide by a simple majority vote to award the 2nd and 3rd prices and Honorary recognitions of categories I, II and III based on the points scored by the contestants. If the contestants' performances do not meet the requirements, the jury does not have to award all prizes. Results of all rounds are published after the end of the jury meeting.
9. The jury chairman may decide on the basis of a fair and proper discussion and votes of the majority of the jury members to reorder the ranking. This can be done in doubtful cases when the jury's opinion is not clearly expressed by the assigned scores.
10. The jury will decide who will obtain the title “Absolute Winer of CCA“ at their final meeting. This award will be based on the highest score achieved across all categories of the competition CCA. This title is indivisible. The jury's decisions are final and there is no appeal against them.

D. Final provision

1. Rules of Procedure of the Jury are issued by the organizing comittee CCA for an indefinite period. Changes of these Rules may be made only in writing and cannot be changed during the competition.
2. These Rules of Procedure are written in Czech and English. In doubtful cases, the authentic Czech text will be considered decisive.